Sunday, 24 June 2007

General: Order of Posting

Hi all,

We need to decide on the order on who is posting for the weeks during our SIP. So far as I know, we have 1 in research (post every 2 mths), and 5 in clinical labs (post every 6 weeks).

I was thinking of having the order like this (due to the timing):
1. Clinical lab - Cheng Hong
2. Clinical lab - Yeng Ting
3. Clinical lab - Eunice
4. Clinical lab - Pei Shan
5.Clinical lab - Elaine
6. Research - Debra

Please do add comments if you have better suggestions. If this is ok, we need to sort out who takes what slot for clinical labs. Also for these future posting, do remember to sign off your own name so the lecturer can see it!

All the best for tommorrow's SIP!



Anonymous said...

Yeng ting here. I think e schedule is just right. So, I guess i'll take e second wk?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so 2nd week is taken up, left 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th. I'll take 6th by default cos i'm the only research one here.

Rest please decide asap, since someone has to post this week.

- Debra

Anonymous said...

Is it okay if i take the 3rd wk?


Anonymous said...

cheng hong here then i will take the first week then

Pei Shan said...

i'll take the 4th week...

Pei Shan

Anonymous said...

okies, i updated the schedule. Guess that leaves 5th week to elaine.

How's SIP so far? I love my place, but the people there are so smart, i feel like a complete idiot, especially in the weekly meetings. And i've never seen so much PCR in my life!

- Debra

Anonymous said...

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