Sunday, 30 September 2007

Cheng Hong: Histology Q&A

Qn1) How many samples are processed for H&E staining? Since it has to be done within 20mins, if something goes wrong surely they do afew samples as a contingency plan rather than banking of a lone sample right?

Ans: normally the pathologist will view at least 2 slides if the margin is not seen clearly due to the cutting, a re-cut must be done.

Qn2)example of a situation in which the doctor is waiting for the results from the lab before stitching up the patient. Sounds like 20 min is a bit rush.

Ans: all of the specimens sent for frozen sectioning are done in the specific time strain and if im not wrong, all of the patients that are waiting for the results are not stitched up yet.

Qn3: What will u do if the slide turn out to have background, pale in the nuclear and cytoplasm?

Ans: A check on the stain is done if needed the stains are changed and a QC slide will be run first before staining the re-cut sample. But normally it wont happen as every morning before the patient’s sections are stained, a QC slide will be run first and check by the senior med-tech.

Qn4:You say that it is importantt to embed the tissue in the correct orientation so i want to ask u what if the orientation is wrong? what are the actions that will be taken by you guys.....another qn is u mention that place slides into the oven set at around 82oC for 15mins(to let the tissue to “stick to the slide” to prevent it from floating off when staining)....well i remember during htech lesson everytime during staining my tissues will get washed off during staining..isit due to insufficient drying...??haf you guys ever encounter tissues being washed off during staining n if yes...wat did u guys do??

Ans:if the orientation that the pathologist request is embedded wrongly it might prevent the pathologist for analyzing the part that is doubtful. So the tissue block must be melted and re-embedded and sectioned again. yes the floating off is due to the insufficient heating and drying. There are times that the tissue might float off so the staining program must be changed eg: let the slides cool down for a minute before staining

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